3 Luxury Hotels Chicago for a Weekend of Relaxation for Parents

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Do you remember the first time you saw the Chicago skyline? You came here for a reason, and it’s a beautiful reason why you stay in Luxury Hotels Chicago. Enjoy the best of what Chicago has to offer. With the pinnacle of luxury in your backyard, you might remember what it’s like to live in that picturesque skyline. You deserve some luxury, and that’s what you’ll find at the classiest hotels in the city.

3 Luxury Hotels in Chicago

The Langham

Experience Chicago’s luxury skyscraper hotel lifestyle at its finest with The Langham. Witness the hotel for yourself, and you’ll understand why it’s an architectural landmark that’s iconic to that Chicago skyline. The original building is the last structure designed by the legendary architect Mies van der Rohe. Rohe is one of the greatest pioneers of modern architecture. As artistry is one of Langham’s central tenants, the carefully curated collection displayed throughout the hotel features 140 artists. These are only a fraction of what makes The Langham an exemplar of the luxury Chicago has to offer.

Their most desirable suites are perfectly designed for those who appreciate the beauty life offers. This includes their one-bedroom lake view suites, deluxe premium rooms, and enviable infinity suite. Throughout your stay, your pleasure is theirs to satisfy with an exquisite breakfast buffet, exclusive use of their spa and wellness facilities, and featured access to their world-class library and writing room. Experience The Langham for a taste of truly sophisticated living.

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Waldorf Astoria Chicago

The Waldorf Astoria is your stop for a much more homey, grounded, and affordable stay with just a taste of extravagance. As a member of the Hiltons Honors family, the Waldorf Astoria prides itself on providing the best service imaginable to label itself a luxury hotel in Chicago. Additionally, they’re located in the heart of the Windy City. They have been the go-to destination for your wedding or family reunion for years. They offer every amenity imaginable with easy access to dining anytime, along with their world-class pool and fully equipped wellness facility. Let the Waldorf Astoria pamper you with their luxurious spa dedicated to rejuvenating your mind, body, and spirit with delightfully therapeutic treatments like full body massages, seaweed wraps, and facials. You’ll experience a zen-like level of comfort and care that will melt away all your worries.

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The Peninsula

When you experience the pinnacle of luxury hotels, you’re bound to seek a level of sophistication that will take you across the globe without leaving Chicago. That’s when your journey takes you to The Peninsula. Witness the perfect balance between the Far East’s beauty and the hospitality familiar to the Midwest. This is the ideal getaway for those looking to travel and experience a new perspective without needing to leave the city. Experience the level of authenticity offered by world-class fine dining and wellness experts at their Shanghai Terrace and The Peninsula Spa. You’ll have constant access to an Olympic-sized swimming pool, guided yoga and meditation sessions, hot stone massages, and premium care inspired by traditional Ayurvedic and Asian philosophies. Recenter yourself at The Peninsula.

Luxury Hotels Chicago

In Chicago, you’ll find yourself comfortably seated in the lap of luxury with these premium experiences in refined living. So enjoy yourself, thrive, and prepare to be inspired. You deserve some luxury and don’t have to go far to find Luxury Hotels in Chicago.

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