Finding the Best Chicago Midwives to Support Your Birth

A young toddler girl sits in dad's lap looking down at her sleeping newborn baby sibling in mom's arms thanks to Chicago Midwives

Like shoes, dresses, and pizzas, childbirth is not a one-size-fits-all situation. For many women, the idea of a hospital birth is intimidating and unnecessary; they prefer an experience with minimal intervention that follows their own biological instincts. These more natural births are typically guided by midwives, women (and a few men) passionate about empowering women to have safe birth experiences in out-of-hospital settings. But even some hospitals are embracing the midwifery approach to childbirth, staffing midwives to offer patients a more individualized approach to birth. If you’re contemplating an out-of-hospital birth, check out these Chicago midwives!

Experience Individualized Childbirth with Chicago Midwives

Chicago Nurse Midwife

7228 S. Coles Ave Garden Suite, Chicago, IL 60649

The heart and soul of Chicago Nurse Midwife is Certified Nurse Midwife Dr. Lakeita T. Edwards. Before becoming a midwife, Lakeita worked as a labor and delivery nurse for nearly a decade. She has over 15 years of experience providing women’s healthcare to English and Spanish-speaking families. She and her birth assistant help women deliver at birth centers or from the comfort of their homes, and they offer the option to rent a birthing pool for a water birth, should you choose. 

Birth Center of Chicago

3832 N. Lincoln, Chicago, IL 60613-3520

Birth Center of Chicago is a beautiful facility where moms-to-be can welcome their babies with minimal intervention and the caring support of in-house midwives. Their team of midwives specializes in trauma-informed care, treating their birthing patients as individual human beings rather than patients. Their home-like birth center is a comfortable, home-like space for safe and comfortable labor and delivery. 

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Gentle Birth Care

1024 North Blvd, Suite #208, Oak Park, IL 60301

Gentle Birth Care opened in 2009 and has been growing and thriving ever since. Their team of four experienced, compassionate midwives are all passionate about helping women have empowering home birth experiences. They’ll ensure every mama they serve feels well-informed and educated enough to make her own decisions with the gentle guidance and reassurance of a licensed, caring midwife. 

UChicago Medicine

1 Maryland Avenue Chicago, IL 60637

When you think of a hospital birth, midwives may not be the first thing that comes to mind. UChicago Medicine has a team of certified nurse midwives to offer their families a broader range of birthing options. Your UChicago Medicine midwife will offer a low-intervention, natural approach to childbirth. Still, you’ll also have the peace of mind that hospital resources are on hand should the need arise throughout labor and delivery. 

A happy dad stands in a window holding his sleeping newborn baby in his arms thanks to Chicago Midwives

Swedish Hospital

5140 N California Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

Swedish Hospital is another option for families looking for a holistic approach to childbirth with all the benefits of a hospital setting. As of the fall of 2023, Swedish Hospital offers a collaborative team of midwives and obstetricians to provide their patients with even more flexibility and control in their birth experience. You’ll benefit from expert guidance and care every step of the way and the peace of mind that you have more control over the situation than you might in another hospital setting. 

Midwifery | Northwestern Medicine

250 East Superior Street, Chicago, IL 60611

Northwestern Medicine is an amazing medical resource here in the Chicago area. Their team of midwives is about empowering and helping moms-to-be have the birth experience that feels best for them. While Northwestern Medicine midwives typically favor a natural approach to childbirth, they are by your side to help you determine whichever pain management techniques may be best for you (including epidurals.) They will help you develop a strong birth plan and guide you through any changes and diversions that may arise with compassion, patience, and experience. 

Chicago Midwives

These Chicago midwives are experts passionate about empowering women through a birth experience that feels right to them. Set up a few consultations to meet with midwives in person and see which one feels like the best fit for your unique birth journey!

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