The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Chicago Birthing Center

A mom and dad sit on a couch with their sleeping newborn baby in dad's arms and toddler daughter next to mom thanks to Chicago Birthing Center

Ahh!! You’re having a baby!! Congratulations, mama!!! I bet your mind is racing with all of the must-dos and don’ts of pregnancy, childbirth, finding a Chicago birthing center, and all of the parenting that lies beyond. Let me be among the first to tell you that motherhood is an incredible, life-changing experience. While it can be the hardest and most challenging journey you’ll ever face, it’s also one of the most rewarding. But first, sandwiched in between 9(ish) months of anticipation and discomfort and a lifetime of wild love and concern, is childbirth. (Cue dramatic, scary music.) 

Just kidding. Childbirth doesn’t have to be a big, dramatic, scary occasion. As long as you have the support and care you need throughout labor and delivery, congratulations! You’re now a part of the club of women that has experienced one of the world’s oldest biological rituals. While you’re nesting and getting everything ready for your baby to arrive, you’ll want to think about where you’d like to welcome your baby into the world. Here are some Chicago birthing centers to consider for your own unique birth experience! 

Preparing for Childbirth at a Chicago Birthing Center

Birth Center of Chicago

3832 N. Lincoln, Chicago, IL 60613-3520

Birth Center of Chicago is a freestanding birth center that provides skilled midwifery care for mamas-to-be and their new babies. Their two beautiful birth suites are serenely decorated and feature private bathrooms and in-room hydrotherapy tubs for water births. Prepare for birth and baby by taking one of their in-house classes!

Burr Ridge Birth Center

7000 S. County Line Road, Burr Ridge, IL 60527

Burr Ridge Birth Center offers families a warm, welcoming, home-like environment where they can deliver their babies while receiving exceptional and empowering midwifery care. Their facilities are home to three birth suites, four clinical rooms, a classroom, and a full kitchen and living room for your support team to use throughout your stay. 

A newborn baby sleeps in a text covered swaddle on a white bed

UChicago Medicine

S. Maryland Avenue Chicago, IL 60637

The approach of UChicago Medicine is “Your Birth Experience, Your Way.” Whether you’re planning an unmedicated or a medicated birth, a vaginal delivery, or a C-section with an obstetrician or a midwife, UChicago Medicine has everything you need. Through pregnancy, childbirth, bonding, healing, and beyond, they’re there to listen, assist, and care.

Ascension St. Joseph

2900 North Lake Shore Dr, 4th FL, Chicago, IL 60657

At Ascension St. Joseph, their physicians and caregivers know that your body knows best. They’ll build a customized care plan around your needs and preferences. Ascension St. Joseph is also equipped to handle any high-risk needs of you or your baby with a team of specialized doctors and nurses to keep you as safe and healthy as possible.

A newborn baby sleeps on a bed next to a small white dog thanks to Chicago Birthing Center

Swedish Hospital

5140 N California Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

Swedish Hospital offers the peace of mind and medical technologies of a hospital but with a comfortable, home-like setting. Each of their private birthing suites includes a jacuzzi, a pullout bed, and a rocking chair. Give birth naturally or with the assistance of an epidural or nitrous oxide; whatever you choose, your care team will support you with compassion and attention.

RUSH Family Birth Center in Chicago

1620 W Harrison St, 8th Floor, Chicago, IL 60612

RUSH Family Birth Center offers labor and delivery, post-delivery, and even a NICU in one location and on one floor, so you can stay as comfortable as possible. Deliver to your preferences in a spacious birthing suite (with or without pain meds). Then, recover with your baby in one of their beautiful Mother Baby suites with plenty of space for bonding and visitors. 

Chicago Birthing Center

Wherever – and however – you decide to give birth, these Chicago birthing centers are here to help you have the most rewarding and empowering birth experience possible. You’ve got this, mama – I believe in you!! 

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