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There is nothing more jarring or terrifying than being diagnosed with cancer. The full-body fear and sense of helplessness is paralyzing. While it’s a diagnosis we all hope never comes and stays far away from the ones we love, the truth is that roughly 2 million people are diagnosed with cancer every single year. When I was diagnosed with cancer, I found myself turning to my faith, family, and friends for support and strength, but without the care of the incredible doctors, nurses, specialists, and researchers at Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center, who knows where my cancer journey would have taken me. 

If you or a loved one have been recently diagnosed with cancer, don’t wait to reach out to Cardinal Bernardin. Need a few more reasons to seek help? Keep reading to learn more about this amazing establishment and all of the work they’re doing to research, treat, and find a cure for cancer. 

About Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center

2160 S First Ave, Maywood, Illinois 60153

Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center is a part of the larger Loyola Medicine health system. It’s also a member of Trinity Health, one of the largest Catholic health systems in the nation. It’s also an academic medical facility, training the “next generation of caregivers through teaching programs for more than 520 residents and 2,400 students, allied health professionals, paramedics, and chaplains each year.”  

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The Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center has been beautifully designed to welcome and comfort patients from every walk of life. They also know the value of convenience when it comes to cancer care, offering a variety of treatments and services in one all-encompassing location. As a patient at Cardinal Bernardin, you’ll be able to take advantage of onsite radiation therapy, surgical and medical oncology treatments, and more. You’ll also receive care from a full team of specialists and trained cancer doctors who have devoted their careers to diagnosing and treating cancer with expertise, collaboration, and compassion. Your team will be made up of radiologists, surgeons, pathologists, and other specialists, all of whom consult with other experts to ensure you are receiving a comprehensive treatment plan that has been crafted with the expertise of many professionals. As the patient, however, you are always the core of your care team. 

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The Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center brings together all aspects of cancer care and research to one location. In fact, Loyola was one of the first institutions to bring together cancer treatment and cancer research. All as it became the first freestanding facility in Illinois dedicated to cancer research, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. With 34 laboratories within the center, entire teams are devoted to researching cancer immunology, cancer prevention and control, vaccine therapy, and gene regulation. Their proven leadership within the industry grants them access to participate in a variety of clinical trials. Making cutting-edge technologies and treatments available to patients at Cardinal Bernardin before being widely available elsewhere. 

Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center

If you or a loved one in Chicagoland have recently been diagnosed with cancer, I know how you’re feeling. Pray. Cry. Laugh. Scream. Hug. Do whatever you have to do to help process the moment. Then, get in touch with Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center. God, your friends, and your family have your back – but Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center has your future.

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