Catholic Churches Chicago for Your Family’s Worship Services

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Beautiful churches hold power to take us away from the daily stressors of life and think of something much bigger than ourselves: our faith. Luckily, you don’t have to travel to Milan or Istanbul to find one because there are several beautiful Catholic churches in Chicago

Four Beautiful Catholic Churches in Chicago

Queen of All Saints Basilica

Queen of All Saints Basilica is a Roman Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Chicago located on Sauganash Avenue. The parish offers several community groups for its members: a widowed group, a men’s club, a Filipino American Community Association, a women’s guild, as well a girl scouts troop. The church also hosts a youth ministry for children, featuring Sunday reading reflections, scavenger hunts, service projects, social gatherings, and Bible studies. Queen of All Saints Basilica hosts non-traditional masses like Mass on the Field, an event in September where members can enjoy a service outside. The church streams its mass services for those who cannot or feel uncomfortable attending in person. 

St. Mary of the Angels and Holy Name Cathedral

St. Mary of the Angels and Holy Name Cathedral are both Catholic churches located on the Northwest side of Chicago and offer many opportunities to get involved in the community. Immigrants from Poland, Germany, and Ireland played an essential role in establishing both of these historic churches. Holy Name has several ministries for members to join that support the Chicago community.

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Our Lady of Sorrows National Shrine

Located just outside Fifth City in Chicago, Our Lady of Sorrows National Shrine honors Saint Peregrine. Churchgoers pray Via Matris, “the way of the Sorrowful Mother,” every Sunday at 9:30 AM. A Spanish mass takes place every second Saturday of the month at 11 AM. The Servite Secular Order consists of a group of men and women who “seek to grow spiritually” by following the Seven Holy Founders of the Order of Servants of Mary. They also offer a weekly Prayer Service on Thursday evenings at 6:30 PM. This stunning Catholic church in Chicago is truly a sight to see. As a national shrine, it is among the country’s most beautiful sanctuaries. 

St. John Cantius Catholic Church

St. John Cantius Catholic Church, located in River West, is a beautiful church full of vaulted ceilings, golden architecture, and colorful stained glass windows. Not only does St. John’s offer religion classes, but they also teach Latin, Greek, and Hebrew classes. This stunning catholic church is another of the grand Chicago sanctuaries that should not be missed. The architecture alone is worth a visit even if you are not getting married there.  

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Catholic Churches Chicago

Chicago catholic churches are full of history and provide several opportunities to practice your faith. Not only are they captivating, but these churches offer a precious opportunity to get involved in the community, meet new people, and remind you that we are all a part of something bigger.

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