Introduce Your Child to STEM in Chicago With These Great Places

A young boy with green glasses and a blue sweater smiles big while playing with a toy construction truck

As moms, we all want our kids to grow up to be fulfilled, well-rounded, kind adults. But let’s be real, we also want them to be renowned doctors, engineers, and physicists. That’s where Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, or STEM, come into play! While these subjects may come across as boring in school (sorry, teachers!), opportunities to engage with STEM in playful, meaningful ways are everywhere nowadays! If you want to introduce your child to a new approach to indulging their curiosity, here are a few places that focus on STEM in Chicago

Introducing Kids to STEM in Chicago: Creative Opportunities Abound

Kids Stem Studio

770 W Gladys Ave, Chicago, IL 60661

Firstly, Kids STEM Studio is a fun, exploratory space that allows kids to indulge their natural desires to explore, experiment, and, yes, perhaps even get a little messy. Whether your child attends weekly classes, after-school enrichment programs, or week-long camps, they’ll have plenty of dynamic, hands-on opportunities to spark creativity and develop critical thinking skills. 

Kids ages 4 to 14 can explore their STEM interests through robotics, experimental design, computer coding, engineering, and more. They can even host a STEM-filled birthday party at the studio! 

A young boy in a blue sweater and glasses plays with a toy front end loader in a park path thanks to STEM Chicago

Next Wave STEM

222 N Columbus Dr. APT 308, Chicago, IL 60601

Next Wave STEM considers themselves to be architects of future possibilities. Consider them your ultimate partner in STEM, with cutting-edge equipment, comprehensive curriculum, and professional development. Furthermore, students can experiment with robotics, drones, artificial intelligence, hydroponics, and more! 

Next Wave STEM was founded by IT Analyst Udit Agarwal. Agarwal saw a need to teach kids tech industry subjects in a fun, inspiring way that met state and national standards. Next Wave STEM has helped over 120,000 students connect with STEM in innovative ways. Moreover, it has inspired the next generation of science-driven careers. 

Goode STEM Academy

7651 S. Homan Ave. Chicago, IL 60652

For older students, Goode STEM Academy is a Chicago-area public high school with an emphasis on STEM subjects. Through partnerships with IBM and Richard J Daley College, the school connects high school, college, and professional industry work for students with a drive to challenge themselves academically. 

Students can take rigorous AP classes and earn college credits while still taking fine and performing arts, world languages, and physical education courses. Additionally, they offer over a dozen extracurricular clubs and activities! Goode STEM Academy prides itself on educating innovators and creating a culture that balances creativity, imagination, and humanity.

A young boy smiles bit while walking through a park with his toy truck thanks to STEM Chicago

Project Exploration STEM Learning Center Programs

4950 W Thomas St, Chicago, IL 60651

Lastly, Project Exploration is an incredible program that aims to give students of all ages the chance to interact with the hottest STEM topics and possible career choices. With programming ranging to serve kindergarteners through high schoolers, Project Exploration offers dynamic experiences, passionate mentorship opportunities, and plenty of chances to learn new and exciting material. 

By prioritizing relationships and including students in the curriculum’s planning, Project Exploration can provide students with exciting and innovative opportunities for hands-on learning. Some of their programs also include Mini Medical, Forensic Investigators, Environmental Adventurers, and many more! 

STEM Chicago

In conclusion, these resources for STEM in Chicago offer kids hands-on opportunities to explore innovative industries and concepts that set them up for a lifetime of embracing curiosity. Whether they need homework help or are simply looking for a fun way to spend their time after school, STEM labs and studios are amazing places! 

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