Kid Friendly Restaurants in Chicago for the Whole Family to Enjoy!

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One of the biggest questions asked.. and it is asked What are we going to eat? It is exhausting planning meals 365 days a year and trying to please everyone’s likes and dislikes, let alone trying to figure it all out with kids. Most of our little ones are not ready for a 5-star fancy dining experience, so check out these perfect kid friendly restaurants in Chicago. 

Three Fantastic Kid Friendly Restaurants In Chicago

Old Irving Brewing

Old Irving Brewing is a perfect place for kids but also adults. They have a super cool artsy vibe, a relaxed feeling, fantastic craft brews, and delicious food. Old Irving Brewing is a kid friendly restaurant in Chicago that started out in a garage. Now, they are brewing hundreds of ales and lagers. They have drinks for the moms and fantastic food for the kids. The place creates a very relaxed family atmosphere, so there is no pressure if your toddler throws a tantrum here and there.

The kids have yummy snacks and meals just how they like them. Such as buttered noodles, chicken tenders, and amazingly delicious crispy garlic fries that everyone will be snacking on. One cool feature about Old Irving Brewing is that they have a new mac and cheese featured all month long. How cool is that?! Old Irving Brewing is a kid-friendly Chicago restaurant with delicious food and fresh craft brews.

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Crosby’s Kitchen

Locally owned, Crosby’s Kitchen is a kid friendly restaurant in Chicago. They feature comfort foods such as lobster deviled eggs, crab toast, and iron skillet cornbread…um…yum!! Crosby’s Kitchen was voted one of Chicago’s most kid friendly restaurants in 2017 and is a staple for all families in the neighborhood. They are open for brunch, lunch, and dinner and have a special menu for each. They even have a kids’ brunch menu! Kids can get cheesy eggs, PB and J, pancakes, french toast, and more for brunch, and then for dinner, they can get buttered noodles, grilled cheese, and chicken fingers. Additionally, every meal comes with a root beer float! Comfort food and kid friendly, it sounds like the perfect place to enjoy a nice meal with the entire family! 

Lou Mitchell’s

Since 1923, Lou Mitchell’s has been a kid friendly restaurant in Chicago serving families worldwide. Lou Mitchell’s has poured enough cups of their signature coffee to fill the entire Chicago river and served enough pancakes to fill up Wrigley field. Every child who walks through the doors at Lou Mitchell’s receives Milk Duds (a Chicago native candy) as a warm welcome greeting. As the first restaurant in Chicago to serve breakfast all day, several trademarks of breakfast were invented at this kid friendly restaurant in Chicago. From doing eggs in a skillet to world-famous donut holes. 

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Over the years, Lou Mitchell’s received numerous awards and mentions. Including the Golden Cup award, features in Zagat and TripAdvisor, and even Michelin recognization. At Lou Mitchell’s, breakfast is the name of the game, where you can get anything from eggs to donuts, coffee cake, hash browns, pancakes, cereal, and so much more. They make special pancakes for the little ones making them with milk duds and into fun characters. Be sure to check out this iconic restaurant today. You will not be disappointed!  

Kid Friendly Restaurants in Chicago

Through dedication to fresh ingredients, excellent cooking, and good service, these kid friendly restaurants in Chicago are the perfect place to grab a bite with the entire family. Just thinking about these kid friendly restaurants makes me hungry, so be sure to check out the best of the best today! 

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