Club Volleyball in Chicago to Strengthen Kids Mentally & Physically

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The benefits of participating in an extracurricular team sport are pretty incredible. Participants learn critical life skills like resilience, perseverance, teamwork, discipline, and so many others. It also helps kids stay active and focus on healthy lifestyle habits to strengthen them physically and mentally. But not every school has strong programming – at least not across a diverse selection of sports. That’s where an external sports club can come in handy, providing young people with opportunities to participate in ways they may not with school programming. Take volleyball, for example; even if your child’s school doesn’t have a thriving volleyball program, they can still develop skills, compete in tournaments, and play on competitive teams at one of Chicago’s unique volleyball clubs! If you’re searching for more volleyball opportunities for your kiddo, check out these organizations that offer club volleyball in Chicago

Getting Involved In Club Volleyball In Chicago

1st Alliance

1000 Davey Rd Suite #600, Woodridge, Illinois 60517

1st Alliance Volleyball Club has been a respected organization for over 30 years, proving its excellence in some of the highest local and national levels of competition. Their friendly, caring, and competitive environment has helped over 300 alumni go on to compete at the Division I level, earning them the #2 spot in the nation for Division I athletes since opening back in 1991. 

They offer multiple girls’ teams and leagues for kids 10 & under and through the age of 18, as well as a nationally recognized boys program known as Lions Boys. Lessons, clinics, camps, and early youth programs set students up for success with fundamental skills and knowledge, creating thoughtful competitors with a keen eye for the sport. Additionally, 1st Alliance has a strength coach, a club physical therapist, and a mental health coach to ensure their students have access to well-rounded health and wellness. 

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Chicago Elite Volleyball

3800 N. Milwaukee, Chicago, 60641

Chicago Elite Volleyball was founded in 2014 when Club Kace Volleyball Club and Powerhouse Volleyball Club combined to create one unique organization. This merger of companies created a performance-like program that promotes, educates, and develops youth student athletes throughout Chicago. 

Their training facilities are centrally located and operate out of Quest Multisport Center in Chicago. Chicago Elite Volleyball now has over 60 teams and a year-round Youth Academy with over 500 participants! To serve as many kids as possible, they offer national and regional programs in their indoor and beach volleyball programs. 

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Great Lakes Center

579 North Oakhurst Drive, Aurora, IL 60502

The Sports Performance Volleyball Program, or SPVP, dedicates itself to “providing its athletes with the technical, tactical, and physical training to reach their highest possible potential.” They help players of all ages develop a solid base of fundamental skills while encouraging a passion for the sport. 

They consistently challenge players to test their limits and explore what it means to commit to excellence. SPVP players learn how the ultimate goal is effort and commitment to themselves and their teammates, working together toward a common goal. 

Club Volleyball in Chicago

One of the best things you can do for your child is encourage them to try a team sport. Volleyball is a fun, active, and competitive way to learn some of life’s most important skills – on and off the court! Check out these opportunities for club volleyball in Chicago to see if one of these programs could be a good fit for your child. 

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