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A father tickles his toddler son while sitting in a field of tall grass at sunset after visiting M14Hoops

When you think of iconic Chicago sports, you may automatically think of the Bulls. Or at least, maybe back in the 90s, you did. But still, basketball’s legacy in our community is undeniable. In fact, nearby in Aurora is a youth development brand known as M14Hoops dedicated to using basketball to teach kids and teens important life and basketball skills. With a massive state-of-the-art facility, professional coaches and trainers, and a positive environment for self-improvement and growth, M14Hoops is an excellent organization for any budding basketball player. 

About M14Hoops

2414 Church Rd, Aurora, IL 60502

M14Hoops was founded in 2009 by Aurora native Matt Miller. A college basketball player, Miller founded the company on the principles of hard work, dedication, teamwork, and dreaming big. M14Hoops gained popularity in Chicagoland quickly, offering private instruction, camps, and basketball skill development. What began as a one-man passion project has grown to a 40-employee business serving over 5,000 local players annually – and now you can find M14Hoops in 10 states across the country! 

Today, M14Hoops is a one-stop shop for player development; about 97% of the players who train at their facility make the high school team. With a combination of strength and skill training, every player can uncover the best version of themselves! 

A young boy in a brown vest and blue shirt sits on a picnic blanket in a park at sunset


The M14Hoops Headquarters in Aurora is a state-of-the-art facility with over 53,000 square feet of amenities, courts, and training equipment. Within the building are six high school-regulated basketball courts that host practices and tournaments. A film room with a smart board offers a great space for player and team development. Their 4,300 square-foot weight room has all the equipment needed for performance and strength training. Plus, a comfortable concession area, stocked with TVs and free Wi-Fi, is the perfect spot to wait for your player. 

M14Hoops offers a variety of programming to serve youth basketball players in the Chicagoland area. Whether your child is getting ready for school tryouts or even a traveling team, their training programs can increase skill levels, confidence, and grit. Taught by staff who have played and coached at high school, collegiate, and professional levels, players will benefit from their mentorship and accountability. 

Additionally, M14Hoops offers strength training for varying age groups, focusing on building Speed, Strength, Agility, and Power (or SAPP). Their camps and clinics are great ways for players to keep their skills sharp, all while playing plenty of basketball and having a ton of fun in a positive, encouraging environment! 

A young boy sits on a lace picnic blanket while being tickled by dad in a field of tall grass at sunset after visiting M14Hoops


In addition to training, camps, and clinics, M14Hoops also has Academy Teams, known as M-XIV. Quickly-paced practices and professional coaches’ guidance allow players to learn and advance their skills. They have teams for 4th – 5th-grade boys and girls, 6th – 8th grade boys and girls, and 15U – 17U boys and girls. Their older teams compete in national circuits for a pre-professional introduction to the world of basketball. 


M14Hoops is a fabulous organization for any kid or teen who wants to play basketball, whether for fun or preparing to try out professionally. Check out their programming to see which would specifically be best for your basketball player!

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