Finding the Right Home Daycare in Chicago

A toddler boy lays on a bed in front of mom, dad and his newborn baby sibling thanks to Home Daycare Chicago

Daycares can be intense these days. From strict routines to in-depth curriculums, it’s a system that works well for some kids – and not as well for others. Home daycares can offer a smaller, more intimate experience in the comfort of a home-like environment. If you think your little one may benefit from care that feels more like being at a family friend’s house than a formal school, check out a home daycare in Chicago

Discover Chicago Home Daycare Options for Your Kids

Happy Children Chicago

3562 W Wabansia Ave., Chicago, IL, 60647

Happy Children Chicago prioritizes caring for happy, healthy children! Their creative, playful space is perfect for little ones to learn, explore, and grow. They provide nutritious organic breakfasts, lunches, and snacks daily to help kids get all the nutrients they need to grow big and strong. 

At Happy Children Chicago, kids can explore the world around them through sensory play and activities designed to keep them curious. Their indoor space is brightly decorated, and outdoors, kids can learn while getting their hands dirty in the garden!

A newborn baby sleeps in a teal sweater on a bed thanks to Home Daycare Chicago

Curious Kids

4450 N. Parkside Ave., Chicago IL, 60630

Curious Kids offers Chicago families a cozy, home-like daycare environment with a family-friendly atmosphere. Every day, kids will get fresh, home-cooked meals to keep them energized and ready to learn. Curious Kids also has fenced-in outdoor areas for lots of outside play, whether in the beautiful summer weather or bundled up for snowy fun. 

They are DCFS and CPR certified, so you can rest assured that they meet all the safety standards required to keep your little one safe. They also bring 25 years of experience in childcare and speak both English and Spanish. 

Kids First Home Daycare

2040 West 69th Street, Chicago, Illinois, 60636

Kids First is a home daycare service that provides high-quality educational care for little ones from 2 weeks to 12 years old. The program is owned and operated by Charlene Barrios, or Mrs. B. She holds impressive credentials and certifications in various fields of childcare, education, and special education. 

Kids First celebrates children’s curiosity, offering developmentally appropriate practices and activities to celebrate individual strengths and ignite a love of learning. 

A toddler boy plays and lays on a bed by a window

Little Steps Home Daycare

3250 N Oak Park Ave, Chicago, IL 60634

Little Steps Home Daycare is home to strong, committed, qualified, and experienced teachers. Their safe, nurturing environment celebrates the diversity of the families they serve while teaching empathy and appreciation for every culture and background. 

They use a play-based approach to learning, especially for little ones ages 0 – 5 years old. They provide welcoming and safe environments that promote the development of social and emotional skills. Little Steps also offers before and after-school care for older kids needing a safe place and extra care outside of school. 

Early Milestones Home Daycare

6125 W. Waveland Ave. Chicago IL 60634

Early Milestones Home Daycare provides a comfortable, inviting, home-like environment for children to feel safe and learn while their parents are away. They provide care for kids ages six weeks through six years old. Moreover, they offer play-based learning experiences for every child in their care. 

Owner and program director Eva Makris has her Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. She has worked hard to create a program that meets all of the requirements and standards established by Illinois. Students learn how to make friends, develop important lifelong developmental skills, and other wonderful life tools to help them outside of daycare. 

Home Daycare Chicago

Home daycares are wonderful resources for parents, but be sure to do all your research, meet the caregivers, and ensure it’s an environment that feels safe for your child. These home daycares in Chicago are a great place to begin your search. Happy hunting!!

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